Grateful For Small Victories

I miss the days when creativity flowed through me like a never-ending wellspring. I once had the ability to pick up any pencil, yarn or fabric and something fun and exciting would present itself. I didn’t really have to think about it. I didn’t really care if it was perfect, Read More

Fiber In My Hands, Less Sadness In My Brain

Being a highly creative person, I have a very vivid imagination. I mean VERY vivid. I am prone to go over every little situation in my head in exacting detail, even when it has never even happened (I’m usually wrong about the outcome.) I often wake up in the middle Read More

Finding Inspiration

I found my creativity at an early age. As a dreamy introvert, it wasn’t uncommon for me to have a day full of imagination and daydreaming. I could make paper dolls out of the simplest materials and my notebooks were filled with sketches of princesses and fairies. I could see Read More

Starting Again – A New Creative Journey

When I was younger and off on adventures across the world it was easier to think of things to write about. I would simply share a fun travel photo or crazy story and that was that. Today I am wiser, but things are not as exciting as they once were. Read More